April 12, 2021


Drive your way

Electrical vehicles way to go for cleaner foreseeable future

Dear Auto Chat:  I hold asking yourself about electric cars and emissions. Unless you charge from a property with solar panels, you have to cost your car from the electric grid, which largely uses pure fuel. That would induce pollution. 

   Perhaps hydrogen gas cells may well have a greater pollution footprint given that I believe that the emissions would be very little but h2o vapor. What do you feel is the very best way to move forward with this very long-term choice? – Roger

RAY: Here’s why electric powered cars create a lot less air pollution than gasoline-powered cars and trucks, Roger. With a fuel-powered auto, you have tens of thousands and thousands of engines, and tens of millions of catalytic converters, all in distinctive states of age, upkeep and disrepair.

   While most states have annual or biannual emissions inspections, it is a lot more challenging to law enforcement tens of hundreds of thousands of personal cars and trucks than it is to police a handful of thousand electric power vegetation.