May 18, 2021


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There’s a Louisiana Barn Packed With Rotary-Run Automobiles and They’re All For Sale

Regrettably, there are no new rotary-run cars for sale right now, largely thanks to emissions polices. Wankels are generally filthy-working engines, which is why it can be taken so extensive for Mazda to provide one particular again, even in assortment-extender form. But none of this means you are unable to get a utilised rotary auto to excitement around in. There are however a good deal of these–and new rotary elements–all-around for you to tinker with.

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If you might be weary of looking at FD RX-7s go for stupid quantities of revenue at auction, very well, we have found a barn in Louisiana that you could possibly be a lover of. In accordance to the listing, there are tons of rotary-run cars and trucks stashed inside its partitions, so there’s bound to be one thing you’ll like.

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Only a several photos of the owner’s inventory have been posted, and the condition of the cars and trucks varies wildly. There are dusty Mazdas, there are destroyed Mazdas, and every thing in between. The listing also says there are a couple of “Rotary Toyotas and Datsuns,” which, looking at as neither enterprise at any time manufactured a Wankel motor, need to imply they are swapped.


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A thorough search all around the photographs will also expose a couple other non-Mazdas that may well or may perhaps not be rotary-run. There’s a common Mini, what seems like a VW Bug, and perhaps, just it’s possible, a Suzuki Samurai stuffed into the back right corner. Ignore the autos, while. I wonder if that sweet box enthusiast is for sale…

Most of the rotary-run cars and trucks in this article appear to be first and 2nd-generation RX-7s, also identified as the FB and FC, respectively. 1 of these vehicles–it looks like an FB–has been redone with a large widebody package. It really is unclear if it has any other modifications beneath the bulged-out human body, but I suppose you’ll have to just mask-up and sniff about there to obtain out. The mask is both equally because of the pandemic, and what appears to be like like the 6-inches of dust covering every thing in this barn, of training course.

If you were being asking me what to get listed here, I would say one particular of the two Rotary Pickups. They were only manufactured in between 1974 and 1977, they seem fantastic, they have a mattress for all your plywood-carrying needs–I believe they’re your ideal bet. I suggest, you could try to restore just one of the 70 other vehicles in this barn, but some of them appear a minimal far gone. At least the black pickup exterior is parked in a driveway, implying it really is moved under its possess ability a short while ago. That is a promising signal.

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