We Have Compiled A Detailed Covid-19 Caravan Guide For You, Take A Loo

Julia M. Tyson

The critical constraints placed during the COVID-19 crisis may have caused fear, and perhaps even uncertainty, for anyone who owns a trailer, motorhome, or off road caravans on a leisure park. The core message of the coronavirus pandemic response is unequivocal. Keep at home! But does that mean you can still travel in a static or travelling caravan?

For certain caravan owners, the imposed travel restrictions provide a perfect opportunity to perform repairs and other maintenance activities. However, what is the constraints and challenges for these tasks?

Then there’s the question of pollution and psychological distancing. What effect will these have on your off road caravans use in the coming weeks and months? This COVID-19 guide is intended to help address several commonly asked questions about caravan possession, care, and use.

May I use my caravan when COVID-19 constraints are in effect?

There are only four reasons why you should leave your house when the ‘lockdown’ is in place. To do important work, go grocery shopping, care for a vulnerable friend or relative, or work out. There is also a condition on the final instruction. When you go out for exercise, you can do so on foot and in the close vicinity of your house.

Keep in mind that during the COVID-19 crisis, all official camping and off road caravans sites were temporarily closed.

There have been reports of health workers using off road caravans and motorhomes as temporary housing. This is due to them isolating themselves from their families or becoming more focused on work during this stressful period. Nobody might actually object to this activity, because the police would never interfere.

Visiting a house in a recreation park

This is an especially contentious issue, as there have been high-profile cases of individuals visiting different types of second homes. During the COVID-19 limits, the government has made it clear that you must remain in your primary residence.

If you drive to a recreation park home or park your off road caravans in a different location than your primary house, you are in violation of the law. Under the emergency law enacted, this crime, including unauthorised transport, is punishable by fines.

What if I stayed in my motorhome or caravan?

The only difference is whether your off road caravans or motorhome serves as your primary residence. In that scenario, you have been instructed to ‘Stay at home,’ much as you would in any other type of house. If you live in a motorhome year-round, you must find a temporary place to remain in for the duration of the transport regulations and control steps.

What would you do if you’ve reserved a caravan site?

During holidays, many off road caravans and motorhome owners would have reserved places around Australia. It is important to contact the site owners to negotiate alternate agreements. Others can request that you reschedule your reservation to a later date in order to protect their companies.

Under their Terms and Conditions, certain independent operators can fail to refund any deposits or payments. Others may be able to provide refunds, or they may only have the option of rescheduling the reservation to a later date.

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